Wasef Bzeih M.SC. - Associate


Languages: English and Arabic

I am Wasef Bzeih, I am an Engineer, and Associate MVP of 2019 at The E Group Real Estate!

I completed my Masters of Science Degree in Materials Engineering at Concordia University in Montreal, and moved to our beloved Edmonton in 2013. After a painful experience in buying my house few years ago, I decided to become a licensed Real Estate Professional, and provide the quality service that everyone deserves.

My approach in the real estate business revolves around a simple principle: Numbers Do Not Lie. I use a scientific methodology that I have developed to help my clients through the whole process of buying or selling their house, from A to Z. And it works!

I speak English and Arabic, I love soccer, and I try to be an active member in the Community. Whether you want to buy or sell your property, or if you would like to join our weekly soccer games, or if you want to grab a coffee, give me a shout and let’s hang out.